Our Angel Network

Guadalupe Media’s Angel Network are enterprises that we have formed a strong relationship with over the years. Our “angels” by definition, attend to God’s call by being an agent to give aid to augment the vision, mission, goals and objectives of Guadalupe Media. Our Angels are anointed by the Holy Spirit and continue to give life to the work of GM and to further our mission of evangelization. Join our Angel Network today!

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Our Angels

Atlantic Bank is one of the leading Commercial Banks in Belize with very trusted financial services dedicated to providing customers, including local and international investors, with a cadre of residential and corporate services such as residential and commercial loans, and credit facilities while employing a dynamic range of technology-driven channels and user-friendly tools. Established in 1971, Atlantic Bank fosters an environment for empowerment, respect, meaningful participation of consumers in all faucets of Belize’s economy—tourism, commerce and trade, agriculture, real estate and much more! We are visionary in providing our consumers with an avenue for growth, innovation and development. Our corporate and financial services will help to you propel you to another level! Become a member of our family!

Formed in 1990, Atlantic Insurance is celebrated as a provider of premier insurance services in Belize. Our company is highly rated by Standard & Poor and A.  Best and Moody’s, and our dedicated professionals all work towards achieving unsurpassed customer service with a combined level of integrity and teamwork. Our customer base is also inclusive of senior citizen participation and coverage includes insurance for tropical storms and hurricanes, motor, fire and allied perils. Join our network and ensure your property is protected!

Bowen & Bowen has been one of the major building blocks for Belize’s economy since 1932. Through a culture of continuous improvement and commitment, our company has been blazing forward and is a major contributor to Belize’s economy in areas of growth, innovation, expansion of our products and services. As a major employment provider across the country, Bowen & Bowen is Belizean and is for Belize. Our product lines include food & beverages, agro-industry, automotive, energy, hospitality, real estate, restaurant services and transportation.