Guadalupe Media

“Guadalupe Media is a Catholic Organization dedicated to evangelization through radio, televesion and social media. Founded in 2002”

Our Vision

Through the use of the mass media, to bring all people into union with the Most Holy Trinity, by assisting them in their encounter with the living Jesus Christ, ongoing conversion, coming to a deeper experience and understanding of the Church’s life of communion, learning to live in solidarity and to live out the Church’s call to mission, to renew the local parish and to reach the un-evangelized.

Ecclesia in America is our blueprint on how to approach the many challenges and to present the solutions to those challenges via optimal programming, while remaining streamlined with our vision in the New Evangelization

Our Mission

As the modern media encompasses all forms of media, our mission at Guadalupe Media (TTM) is to use all forms of modern media to communicate to the un-evangelized in a way that is relevant to their lives without compromising faith and morals in order to give witness to a culture of life found in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Ecclesia in America Blessed John Paul II writes “for the new evangelization to be effective it is essential to have a deep understanding of the culture of our time in which the social communications media are most influential. Therefore, knowledge and use of the media, whether the more traditional form, or the technology produced in recent times, is indispensable. Contemporary reality demands a capacity to learn the language, nature and characteristics of mass media. Using the mass media correctly and competently can lead to a genuine enculturation of the Gospel. At the same time the media also must help to shape the culture and mentality of the people today, which is why there must be special pastoral activity aimed at those working in the media”.


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